Beacon Consulting

Beacon Consulting is one of the business models of Beacon Training. We have a great deal of experience working with customers in almost all industries.

Our solutions offer specialized database consulting services and world-class database performance tuning tools to our clients. Our team of Certified Database and System Administrators have successfully helped hundreds of small, medium and large sized businesses address their IT needs. We have implemented solutions for companies spanning numerous industries, including: financial services, telecommunications, medical, engineering and manufacturing.

Our specialty is in upgrading complex mission-critical database systems having upgraded some well known brands over the years. Whatever your need is, whether a short term resource for performance tuning, a Certified Architect to help in the design of your database solution or a project team to lead a major migration, Beacon Training can provide the expertise and guidance to ensure that even the most complex requirements are met. We also can customize our consulting service according to your specific needs. 

Some of our consulting services includes:

    • Oracle and SQL Server Architecture design and development
    • Oracle and SQL Server Administration 
    • Oracle and SQL Server Performance tuning and optimization
    • Migration and Upgrades of Oracle and SQL Server  databases
    • Monitoring solutions for Oracle and SQL Server
    • Server consolidation
    • Disaster Recovery Strategies using Oracle and SQL Server technologies
    • Business Continuity Planning using Oracle and SQL Server technologies
    • System High Availability using Oracle and SQL Server technologies

A popular choice with our clients is for us to undertake a Server Health Check  in order to learn more about their business specific needs and how Beacon Training can help them resolve these issues.

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