Why Beacon Training

At Beacon Training, our Project Management Methodology used for all our projects is centered on People, Technology and Processes (PTP).

Beacon Training believes that people are a key variable in the equation for success in any IT implementation effort, process change or organizational change. In this regards, we strive to help organizations build and create the capacity needed to ensure the smooth running of their IT infrastructure.

Today’s very competitive business climate demands that business owners understand and use advanced technologies. Technology is an enabler and it can help a businesses improve on efficiencies and even expand operations. However, the use of technology should be balanced with business needs and practicality.  Beacon Training therefore provide support to its clients in accessing the right technology for their operations in order to effectively balance their operational and technological needs.

Beacon Training has strategically moved away from the traditional approach of IT-centricity of consulting towards a more process-centricity approach. Thus we focus primarily on the processes with the perceived business problems to enrich our understanding of this domain before working with our clients to select the most business aligned solution.  This solution may or may not involve automation with an IT solution. It may simply be a new way of keeping the old systems effective and relevant in today’s modern age of technology.